Preparing for a New Baby...

I am not one of the lucky pregnant women that pop right away, having a perfect, round belly to enjoy for months. I'm entering my 27th week of pregnancy and no stranger has asked when I'm due. :(

My fingers are crossed that it will happen soon because indeed my waist has grown, but the third trimester will go quickly, so I hope it happens soon. My theory on my small belly is either bizarre genetics or just my "Euro Bod" what I refer to my abnormally long torso. When long shirts became in style, I was thrilled at the thought of not showing too much skin every time I moved. But I think my long torso leaves lots of room for baby and my organs to co-exist without popping outward {booo!}

So, although I am not REALLY showing that much, I've decided it's time to buckle down and start preparing for #2.

I began by pulling out a quilt I made before Callum was born. I'd been carrying this quilt top around through a move, and so it's probably 2+ years old already, but I figured I just loved the colors and the simpleness. I suppose my "vision" for this new baby's room is a departure from my current nursery (blue & brown) to be bright and color-filled, vintage 1950s room. I used the Look & Learn fabric (Moda) that is long extinct--or so I have recently discovered. I really want a new crib, BUT we have a crib and all the matching furniture, and we have a son that could probably start moving into a big boy bed, but Momma isn't ready. I don't want to risk moving beds and losing 12+ hours of nightly sleeping PLUS 2 hour afternoon naps. {Momma needs her crafting time!}

Here is the quilt top, in all of it's glory, as it has been for the last TWO PLUS YEARS:

And thankfully, last week during two naps I was able to pin the quilt layers AND quilt the top AND sew on the binding (the part I hate the most!)
{thank you to my lovely assistant Vanna, with banana}

I added a simple jumbo ric rack trim along the border (the binding was attached on top, but I don't have a finished photo yet!) I had it in my mind I wanted orange backing but was having an impossible time finding the exact shade and material. I ended up locating a Tommy Bahama throw at TJMaxx for $12.99, and had plenty of fabric leftover! It is so soft and feels so good, and although I swear I'm never using a "minkee" style backing again, this one really wasn't too bad! I just quilted across the diagonals, eyeballing of course, so the quilting went very quickly! I also used a thicker batting, so it's looking pretty fluffy in this before picture. We'll see what happens once I wash it...
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