Knit-oholic Part 2

So, yesterday I showed you the sweet little sweater that I made. Well, I actually made this little adorable snuggle sack/cacoon for the new baby before I made the sweater....just to get my knitting fingers back in action.

 (Please excuse my model. It's the best I can do until May!) 

I decided to go with a bright green, it's vibrant but I think it will look so sweet next to fresh baby skin.

It is basically just a giant hat. If you are looking for details on how to make one yourself, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to share my tricks with you. (It's REALLY easy!)
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  1. Hi Dani,
    Can you share the pattern and the type of yarn you used?

  2. Definitely: The Wool is Patons Classic Wool in Leaf Green. I purchased it at Michaels for $4 which is NOT too bad for 100% wool. Really though, ANY yarn would work, I just like the idea of 100% cotton next to a newborn's skin.

    The pattern I used is sort of a mishmash, but I think for the most part I used THIS: as a guide. The larger needles help it to go quickly. I think I knit it with circular needles because I HATE stitching things together at the end!


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