What I'm most proud of...{2010 edition}

It seems like I'm starting the New Year a day late and a dollar short. So many of my favorite blogs have listed their most popular projects, but I still have a meek readership (I get excited if 10 people check my blog each day!) But I figure all blogs start somewhere. So here I am, in the second week of January finally looking back and revisiting my blogging from 2010.

I think since I've started this blog, I've enjoyed having a chance to document my creativity. It's wonderful to look back and see all that I've done. It's amazing to hear from friends that they like what I'm making or doing or simply asking for feedback about potential ideas for them to use. I think my husband will agree, since I've started this blog I've been much happier because I'm really forcing myself to use my creative side, a side that I think was probably a little neglected for a while.

Looking back, I think I've accomplished quite a few great projects. I've made some quilts (here is one of my favorites from this past year!) I sewed my dogs a new bed! I even broke out the power tools (and gave Baby Jesus a HOME!) I've whipped up a few things for other people, but really I think my favorite project of the year was my laundry room. It almost seems silly that my laundry room is my favorite room, but I still have a serene (and proud) feeling when I step inside.

My laundry room was a disorganized mess when I started. It had an awkward layout because of the utility sink being jammed into a corner (the far left on the opposite wall from the washer/dryer hookups!)
My laundry room left a lot to be desired...so I'll take you on a little walk down memory lane and share with you why it's my favorite project (and room in my house!)

The top of the washer and dryer were always covered in junk. So I decided I needed a shelf. A quick trip to Lowes and I brought back the longest board I could fit into my vehicle and a few brackets.
Then I came across these book wreaths on all these fabulous blogs and I decided I needed one for myself (and my Laundry room!) Ultimately I decided I didn't like it there, so it's now living above my computer table, which I LOVE! 

I wanted to be able to hang a hand towel by the sink. So I painted Dollar Tree frames using spray paint, and attached a hook to my favorite fabric--of course I didn't use any glass for this...

 I used an old table cloth my mother in law gave me as a curtain. I also used a different table cloth as a skirt for my sink. Love the sink skirt!
 My photos just don't do the fabric justice....Luckily I have a little extra hidden storage under the sink! I used my glue gun to stick the skirt up!
 I also painted this box black. It started off being a scratched up yellow, when I purchased it on clearance at TJMaxx back when I was in college I painted it white....but after numerous moves it just looked beat up. So I painted it a nice greyish black and distressed the edges. Now I use it to store cleaning rags, BUT in 2011 I intend on changing it up and using it as a "donation" bin, in hopes I'll be more willing to give things away.

 I then made THIS wreath for my laundry room. I used the fabric I had used in the room and photocopied it using my computer printer! I interspersed white printer paper....so easy! I might have fallen in love with my glue gun during this project!
 At the time I felt like the room needed a rug so I started knitting one! I used some bedsheets cut into long strips. I ultimately gave up on this project and it now sits in my UFO pile. I might finish, but really the make your own rug thing is a little silly?!
 Above the sink I hung an old shelf for  little extra storage and then I created a photo collage with some of my favorite pictures. This might be why it's my favorite room...

I also hung rubber gloves by the sink (although I seldom use them)
 With some help from my husband I created this table to fold laundry on.
 I also hung this TJMaxx $10 find--I simply painted it the same black color and did some distressing. I also hung a Laundry bag that I slowly fill during the week with cloth napkins and kitchen towels and random socks and things that I find. It's very handy and a great alternative to taking up floor space.
 I hung some twine from my shelf to use once in a while to dry things.
 I bought a basic bracket at Walmart to hang my cleaning tools behind the door. I mounted the bracket on a piece of wood painted black. So easy and SO helpful!

 I use powder detergent (I love Country Save!) and keep it stored in a fun canister from Walmart!

So, although it's not super exciting, I'm the most proud of my work in my Laundry Room! What do you think?!
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