Valentine's Day Decor: Topiary

I've been seeing all of these amazing topiaries for Valentine's Day. I figured I'd take a stab at one too, but then I decided one wasn't enough, and then thought maybe I should create an adorable pennant using my new Silhouette tool.

It took a little time, but overall I think it looks adorable:

What do you think?

I used:
-little tin buckets from Michaels (I thought they were $1, but they were actually $1.99)
-balls made from tissue paper from a purchase at TJMaxx, I purchased half spheres from the Dollar Tree (2 halves for $1) and clumped the tissue paper on top, adjoining the paper to the half sphere with packing tape
-red streamers from Dollar Tree (two spools for $1 at the Dollar Tree)
-dowel from Walmart cut in half (maybe $1.50 or $2)
-foam (from Dollar tree, it was two round pieces, I trimmed them down with a pocketknife, and covered with candy)
-candy (might end up costing the most because I keep catching my son helping himself to a "treat!")

Here is how to make one yourself:

I made the topiary "balls" using the technique described on the blog I'm Sharing the Wealth. I will say they are slightly time consuming, but perfect to complete while watching TV. I had the half sphere balls from the Dollar Tree already, but it looks like using all paper would work well too!

I painted the dowels with acrylic craft paint (off white) and trimmed my dowels with a pocketknife-long story-but the pocketknife might be the #1 tool for this project! I think each dowel is about 12" long.
#1 Project Tool! 

I speared the balls with sharp scissors, being sure to hit the side of the ball with the foam (not the tissue paper!) 

I inserted the dowel into foam to help it stand in the buckets. I also hot glued the foam, my 2 year old "helper" was playing a lot with the dowels/foam and they were a little wonky after he was done.

I tied bows under the ball on the dowels.
almost done!
I used my Silhouette SD to create the pennant "Happy Valentine's Day" banner. How cute is that. If you need more instruction or detail, please comment and I can try to assist :) I'm new to the Silhouette, so I do have a thing or two to learn, but I think for a first "project" this came out well.




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  1. very cute!! Looks like we have a mutual friend- Michelle Casola! She told me about your blog- way cute! I'm your newest follower!


  2. Stephanie, Welcome! Hope you find some great ideas here. It looks like you've got a bunch too!!


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