Monday: Back to the Grind

So I've been a little MIA lately. It's been a busy few days, between Drs appointments and a wonderful trip to Philadelphia this past weekend (so packing and preparing) plus a LITTLE sewing here and there...I still have Christmas shopping to do, yikes. I keep thinking of ideas and looking for suggestions, but still haven't made any definite decisions. MUST DO THIS TODAY! 

Oh, and I must mention: it's snowing AGAIN in West Virginia!

In the meantime, I mailed out a few projects for other people, meanwhile I haven't really been working on projects for myself. I say this, but I suppose that is sort of a lie. I did finish a table runner that needed binding for the last, I don't know, 6+ months (my mother in law is kind enough not to rat me out, it's probably been longer than that!) 

My table runner project was pieced and constructed on a sewing weekend at my in law's lake house, maybe last summer although it could have even been in the winter. The lake house is amazing, spacious, and serene, and generally there are other people around so I can pawn off my child so I can spend some time with my Pfaff. (That's a sewing machine for those of you who don't sew!) My mother in law and husband's Aunt were sewing this adorable mitten quilt, and I had made a beautiful flannel snowman quilt the summer before (with my mother in law, have I mentioned she's great with spearheading projects?) so I didn't want to have another winter season why not have a table runner?! Now, most people would measure their table ahead of time, but I never learn my lesson. Ever. So, I guessed, oh, this should be plenty long...and HA, I was wrong. It was JUST short enough to have like an inch overhang on each side, it just looked plain silly. Meanwhile, I had sewed 2 table runners (I was going to be ahead of the game and have 1 Christmas gift ready for this year!) but I only needed to sew the binding down, so I couldn't combine the two, and I was planning on machine sewing it on, I just don't have the patience for doing it by hand, and going on the table this has a potential for frequent washings....anyway...I'm rambling. This past week, I bit the bullet, during naptime I popped in Eat Pray Love and pinned the binding down, and took a quick break from the movie to sew the bindings down. In 30 minutes I had both table runners done. Of course, rather than give one away, I decided to place them across the narrow side of the table, therefore keeping both and having ZERO handmade Christmas gifts. Maybe next year?! They are a little too long now, but they don't appear nearly as silly as when they were too short. And, since they aren't truly "Christmas" they can live on my table throughout the winter months! How cute are they?! 

Please ignore the Target bags, I'm keeping my returns in an obvious place.  I also think I'm going to have to change the colors of my ornament centerpiece so they match the runners a little better....

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