Being put together

I would like to believe that I am somewhat put together...

Lately, not so much. I feel like everything is in shambles. Maybe that's because it is....

My house looks like a bomb went off in it. As much as I love the UPS & FedEx drivers for dropping off lots of goodies, they don't take all the boxes with them. SO, I've had this HUGE pile of boxes in my kitchen (and next to my computer desk) just growing and growing. I finally {gasp} lost my temper and tossed them all down the basement steps. I should take a picture. It looks like a box avalanche. I need to move them before my husband gets home and confirms that I've really lost my mind.

You see, my husband had this great idea that he wanted to see my parents....and stupidly I agreed. And now I feel as if I'm being punished. I have stuff everywhere. Whenever I think I've straightened, I have a little two year old tornado following close behind making an even bigger mess in his path...Are we packed? NO. Are we ready to go? No. Am I hating his guts for this great idea? (You can guess the answer!)

On top of it, my sewing/craft room also was serving as "Santa's Workshop" and when I tell you there was stuff EVERYWHERE I mean it: EVERY WHERE! I finally lost my mind yesterday and started tearing apart the large closet in that room only adding more to the disaster...I've filed bills. I've shredded old documents. I've nearly cleared a substantial path through the room (it's a miracle!) But there is still work to be done.

We already celebrated Christmas in our house, and we even took down our we've added to the mess with taken down holiday decorations.

To add to the confusion, there is the laundry "issue" and when I say issue, I mean: I nearly had it out with my washer this morning when it tried to pretend it had a problem giving me an error message "F24" I nearly lost it. Luckily, my second attempt to wash the load was successful and the laundry "situation" is underway.

So today I'm not really feeling the holiday cheer. I'm substantially feeling pretty Bah Humbug.

I'm sure we'll pull it together, and hopefully if we die in a car crash our families wont be left thinking we live like pigs. (Yes, that is seriously my train of thought!)

SO, it's a safe bet you might not hear from me for a few days....until I've put away the boxes, finished the laundry, put all the craft items back into the closet, put away the rest of the Christmas decorations, packed our bags, packed the car, packed the child & the get the idea. In the meantime, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Filled with love, cheer, excitement, and all good things.
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