Cheerios & a Dump Truck

Never a good mix.

cheerios before the spill...

I should have known yesterday it was just going to be one of those days. I'm not sure if the full moon has anything to do with it, but mysteriously my almost new computer wouldn't allow the wireless keyboard & mouse to connect rendering my computer useless, AND I had an uncooperative 2 year old on my hands. I went out to run some errands in the morning, only to realize I'd forgotten to pick up dog food as I pulled into the garage. GAH!

In an attempt to repair the computer, I searched and searched for a wired mouse (no luck!) I'm still baffled that I could not find ONE wired mouse when I have a chronic issue that I save every wire, plug, cord, accessory, box...luckily my husband has a corded mouse for his work laptop. In a matter of minutes the computer was fixed. I supposed the old-fashioned way prevailed?!

My uncooperative 2 year old was uncooperative until he took a nearly 3 hour afternoon nap. Although I had intentions of working on my pillow project, or anything productive during the nap, some quiet time on the sofa was deemed more important. But leading up to the nap, I found him vigorously stirring his cheerios which led into a little spilling, which led into the quite logical decision to dump the cheerios into his dump truck. He had such a great time, I kept my mouth shut as he poured them out of the dump truck onto the floor and then repeated the process again and again. It's the little things in life, right?! He had no interest in allowing me to figure out my broken computer, which led to motherly say the least. So, I did what any pregnant mother would do: headed to Cold Stone Creamery. Seriously. It hit the spot.

Luckily, today the computer is repaired. My son slept until 9am. The dogs have food. It's a new day....let's hope my positive feelings stay that way!
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