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I feel like I've said it a million and one times now, but I'm in the middle of a baby boom so most of my creative excitement has been constructing & creating items for babies. I'm definitely NOT complaining, because I love making little things for new little people.

One of my favorite projects is a very simple personalized quilt. I've shared other quilts with you before, but the personalized quilts are just so cute! It's perfect for hanging on the wall in the baby's room, or over the side of the crib, but I feel like my quilting is more the "use it" quilt, it's not museum or show worthy (in my opinion!) which really means it's perfect for throwing over the car seat, or stroller...

I made this quilt for my college roommate Amy's neighbor who was just blessed with her second baby, a girl, Emily. Nicole (Emily's mom) saw the quilt I made for Amy's daughter Abigail and raved about it, so Amy figured she knew the perfect gift for Nicole's new daughter! This quilt is maybe 40" square, with rounded corners and a hot pink rick rack edge. Nicole didn't want anything too girly, but I think this quilt is the perfect blend of being a girly without being ALL pink!

Last year I started making a personalized fleece blanket. It's perfect for the winter and is honestly something that my son ultimately sleeps with every night. It's so easy to construct, I'll have the make a tutorial the next time I make one. My friend Emily's son Benjamin is turning 1 in a few weeks and I figured it would be a great birthday gift (along with a matching Eagles outfit, of course!) Here is the finished Benjamin blanket:

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