Birth Announcement Collage

I had first seen this idea a  book, I loved it! So after my son's arrival I decided to make a special birth announcement collage for my son's room. I think it's a special way to display a new baby's arrival...and it's also a perfect gift.

To create this for my son, I used an IKEA frame that stretches fabric, I want to say it cost less than $5. I used leftover fabric from his baby quilt. I'll have to show you that another time.

I prefer to use square premade canvas. I used to be able to find a 10" square canvas at Walmart, but upon a recent search had no luck. I was able to find a few 12" canvas' at Big Lots recently (yay!)

I used paint, but you can cover the canvas however you would like. It would be adorable to use modge podge and the pages of your favorite children's book (if you have a spare copy.) I used Microsoft Word to print all of the information I wanted and then a circle cutter to trim it down. Each tag can be cut to the shape of your choice. The Martha Stewart circle cutter makes it VERY easy! *I will note that cheap-o me did not spend more than $5, I think at Big Lots. So if you see one of these guys, pick one up! I used two different sized tags (for Megan, I think I used 2.75" circles; for John, I think I used 3" circles)

*I just put these in the mail earlier today, so here's to praying they are NOT looking at my blog before the gift arrives in the mail!

For this project I attached my tags with a glue gun. BUT, if you don't have a glue gun, any glue will do. And, you can get creative with how you attach each tag--some you can make look more like actual tags & attach string, some you can just add some backing and attach straight to the canvas, OR I used a piece of twine and mini-clothes pins (my fave!) for a very cute look!
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