Taking the PLUNGE

It's taken way too long, but I've finally decided to take the plunge and begin selling my homemade craft projects for REAL.

For as long as I can remember, I've loved crafts, and art in general (yes, I was the "artist of the week" in elementary school.) My parents encouraged my creativity, always allowing use of scissors, even from a very young age. I took pottery classes as a child and calligraphy class as a teen. In high school, I took as many art classes as my schedule would allow, but when it came to deciding what to do with my "real life" I decided against art school and instead pursued a degree in Elementary Education. Teaching was a perfect opportunity to perform and to use my creativity. During college, I revisited my home-economics skills (my mother had to beg the teacher not to let me make ANY more pillows!) and began sewing again. I started buying a McCall's pattern, and the cheapest sewing machine Walmart sold. I essentially taught myself how to make purses and handbags, it snowballed from there. I began seeing things in stores and thinking I CAN MAKE THAT.

Fast forward a few years, I'd mastered bulletin boards and kindergarten crafts, and met my now husband. It wasn't until after we were married and he deployed to Iraq for 15 months, that I took my sewing to a new level. My mother in law is a master quilter, she is very talented and is basically an encyclopedia of quilting knowledge. She really encouraged my creativity and took me under her wing. She introduced me to fancy sewing machines (I was scared to death of hurting her Bernina!) and decided I too should have a quality machine, which is how I ended up with my Pfaff; she & I went to quilt shows and quilt shops, and really I was brought into a new world of creativity that I love!

My husband returned safely from Iraq, and I'd made MANY, MANY baby quilts (so many I've lost track!) and expanded my repertoire from very basic simple purses to moses baskets, nursery decor, baby booties, bibs, knit hats, and other "goodies."

I am now busy with a toddler, but thankfully he's a good sleeper, so I still sneak away to sew as much as I can. I hope my creations are enjoyed by others and look forward to starting this venture on www.daniellebartran.etsy.com.
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